Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sally, this one is for you!! nice sized boxes!!

I purchased this Wonderboard a month or so ago to use as a scoreboard - thought it might help to get those creases straight!! Anyway, after my discussion on Monday with Sally, about making boxes, I remembered.......surprisingly....... that the Wonderboard instructions showed box templates. So I sat down with the board, instructions and a box of and Demi Moore (okay so she was on TV!) and put together the following selection. These are just five different sizes, using A5 and A4 card - I am sure that if I had cut my card to size (but it was just too cold to move off the sofa) then I could have made some square ones too.

Already I know what is going inside these boxes, with some ribbon, tags and bling these will look just fabulous.... I did think about stamping onto the boxes, but thinking was as far as I got.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sometimes, no matter what you try to do with a layout it just doesn't come together.

This was how I felt on Friday evening when I placed my photos on some lovely k & co patterned paper. So.......I walked away and left it until Sunday evening when would you believe it all just jelled together. Here is the result: one tent: one dad: one uncle: one grandad: and two little helpers.

Below are two more layouts I completed last week too.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've always been able to crochet - my great nan showed me how to make crochet squares when I was very young. In the last year or so I have picked it up again, I found all my old cottons and hooks in the loft and downloaded some knew patterns from the Internet. The only trouble was I found some of the patterns very hard to follow. I think they were possibly American where the stitch abbreviations do not mean what they mean in a UK pattern.
Last week, whilst shopping with a friend I picked up this book, the
trims really appealed to me, for my Christmas journal (found here - if you haven't considered it yet!) and it had lots of super flowers in it, you'll be pleased to hear.
Here are the results so far:
The trims look fab, a little misshapen in this picture, but I'm sure that when they are fixed down they will be nice and straight. Next I need to do some bead shopping, mmmmm......trims with dangley beads!!
The small yellow flowers are the ones I normally make for layouts etc. The big yellow one was in this book too. Surprising how quick they are to make when you have the right pattern. Anyone need any flowers???
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