Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sally, this one is for you!! nice sized boxes!!

I purchased this Wonderboard a month or so ago to use as a scoreboard - thought it might help to get those creases straight!! Anyway, after my discussion on Monday with Sally, about making boxes, I remembered.......surprisingly....... that the Wonderboard instructions showed box templates. So I sat down with the board, instructions and a box of and Demi Moore (okay so she was on TV!) and put together the following selection. These are just five different sizes, using A5 and A4 card - I am sure that if I had cut my card to size (but it was just too cold to move off the sofa) then I could have made some square ones too.

Already I know what is going inside these boxes, with some ribbon, tags and bling these will look just fabulous.... I did think about stamping onto the boxes, but thinking was as far as I got.


  1. I have a mini Scor-pal and I love it too !! Great tool to have I think :)

    Seeing you entered my last blog candy giveaway I just wanted to pop by and let you know that I am having another one Hurry though, there's only a week to go !


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