Tuesday, December 23, 2008

JYC - 17th December

A very proud mum moment. Harry is 9 and he was chosen (along with another boy) from his year group to recite a poem "off by heart" in front of the whole school. He was a runner up and was presented with a certificate. This layout is about him and the poem.

JYC - 11th December

Oh Christmas tree.....for me it has too be a real one. Christmas just wouldn't be the same without all those pine needles!!

JYC - 10th December

On the 10th December I had two Nativity plays and a concert. So I chose to put today's prompt to one-side and create three separate layouts.

At the moment I'm only able to put one layout on here, this is because the other lo's include pictures of other children. The school allow us to take pictures (which is super!) but they specifically ask us not to upload the pictures. Here is DS2 who plays Joseph.

JYC - 7th December

Day 7 - Is all about what you have left to do for Christmas. I have written a (long) list which shows that I still have tons to do.

On this layout I took inspiration from Shimelle's felt pocket. The felt has a Christmas sparkle and the beads and ribbon make it very girly.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Journal

This is written whilst waiting in anticipation of the X-Factor winner..... Alexandra or JLS!!!

Whilst i'm waiting, I have been trying to get keep up with my Christmas journal and failing miserably. With just the first week of December completed I'm way behind, but I have to say with all the other Christmas pressures of shopping, wrapping and writing cards my Journal is keeping me sane.....just about. So here are days 2 to 6 of December.

Day 2 - The Weather - wishing for a white Christmas.
Day 3 - Christmas Cards - the journaling is inside the hand-made card in the envelope all about this being the first year I made some Christmas cards.
Day 4 - Perfection! - as a child a perfect Christmas would have been receiving all (within reason) that I asked for. So I try to ensure (again within reason) that between all the family the boys get most of what they ask for. Shown on this LO are their Christmas lists and if you can see, they haven't asked for the world!
Day 5 - Advent - the journaling is all about my home-made advent hangings!
Day 6 - Let me tell you a story - the journaling refers to my visit to Santa (who was my dad!)when I was a child. The photo is of Jack and Stan visiting Santa on the 31 November at the school bazaar.

It's now rather late, Alexandra won!! woo hoo!!! and before I bore you much more I'm signing off for the night. Hopefully I'll post again this week and if not, happy final Christmas preparations!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

its the most wonderful time of the year....

Journal your Christmas started yesterday, I received my first prompt and created my first page. I think I'm possibly being rather ambitious by intending to create a 12x12 LO each day...we'll see how it goes. The first page is your manifesto or promise, and here is my interpretation. The title "its the most wonderful time of the year" was seen on a LO in Scrapbook Inspirations magazine (and I love the song) and for me it sums up Christmas, so what a great title for the opening page to my journal.
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