Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Journal

This is written whilst waiting in anticipation of the X-Factor winner..... Alexandra or JLS!!!

Whilst i'm waiting, I have been trying to get keep up with my Christmas journal and failing miserably. With just the first week of December completed I'm way behind, but I have to say with all the other Christmas pressures of shopping, wrapping and writing cards my Journal is keeping me sane.....just about. So here are days 2 to 6 of December.

Day 2 - The Weather - wishing for a white Christmas.
Day 3 - Christmas Cards - the journaling is inside the hand-made card in the envelope all about this being the first year I made some Christmas cards.
Day 4 - Perfection! - as a child a perfect Christmas would have been receiving all (within reason) that I asked for. So I try to ensure (again within reason) that between all the family the boys get most of what they ask for. Shown on this LO are their Christmas lists and if you can see, they haven't asked for the world!
Day 5 - Advent - the journaling is all about my home-made advent hangings!
Day 6 - Let me tell you a story - the journaling refers to my visit to Santa (who was my dad!)when I was a child. The photo is of Jack and Stan visiting Santa on the 31 November at the school bazaar.

It's now rather late, Alexandra won!! woo hoo!!! and before I bore you much more I'm signing off for the night. Hopefully I'll post again this week and if not, happy final Christmas preparations!

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