Friday, January 23, 2009

Brain Freeze

Who suffers from Brain Freeze when they eat an ice-cream?

Back in the summer, at the Cotswold's Wild Life Park, I was trying to capture the perfect shot of the boys eating their ice-creams, when Harry squealed in pain. I couldn't resist taking shots of him (I know!!! a terrible mother!!!)....still it didn't stop him continuing to eat it..... and I got some super pictures to scrap.

The background in this Photograph of "incrediable Stan" was not one I wished to have in a LO, so cutting him out was the best option.

And Jack when his first tooth fell out. You would never know from this photo that Jack cried his eyes out when the tooth actually came out. With his face all red and blotchy and the mention of the tooth fairy, he soon recovered and hence I got a lovely picture (a rather dark one!!)

1 comment:

  1. More fab LO's! My son gets 'ice cream headaches' lol! xx


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