Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the last nine years I can honestly say I have never lost interest in Scrapbooking. I loose inspiration, I lack ideas and on occasions other pressures take over, but I always come back to my photographs, stash and LO's. In a household of boys it keeps me sane......just!

At the last crop we spoke about ways of getting back into our scrapbooking about, maybe, starting a new project/topic. I've updated the list of blogs/websites I look at to gain inspiration. Shimelle is great when it comes to projects, she always has fabulous ideas and online classes. On the 15th of January, she's starting a free mini class on her blog, I'm looking forward to seeing what she's got up her sleeve. She's also been talking about a photo a day on her blog and whilst this is a huge project to undertake, you could do your own version. Ali Edwards also has details on her blog to create "a week in the life". There is so much you can document, capture and create.

Did i mention stash, which is taking over my dinning room, study and spare bedroom. I'm waiting for my darling husband to start moaning about not being able to see the dining room table far he has restrained from commenting. When he does I will just have to show him this scraproom. Not sure it will make a difference but it may plant a tiny winy seed!

1 comment:

  1. Way to tidy for my liking, I mean you can see the floor and the desk, plus she must know where everything is and exactly what she has. No surprises when she moves something to find something she had forgotten she had. Not my cup of tea :lol:

    Can you see the green eyes :lol:


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