Friday, March 27, 2009

Love in 6x6

I'm always scrapping the boys so this time I choose to scrap me and him! We've been together for 20 years this year (married for 10). I looked through all our old photographs, they weren't many of us on our own (unless you count our wedding day), and some more recent ones. I found a handful!

These days if I want a photograph of us together, it would have to be in the garage, with his No 1 love.........the dreaded bike!! soooooon to be glad am I. Well I would be if he wasn't replacing it with a biggerrrrrr one!!! Say no more.

Back to us. What I'm aiming to do this year is take a picture of us together each month. So far so good and no, they're not in the garage - each time we all go out, with the camera, I'm making sure that I get a photo of us together. At the end of the year I should have 12. Possibly more than I have of us in the past 20.

Here is some of the mini book - the rest I've added to the mini book slide show.

March 14th All day Crop

Long awaited pictures from the all day crop. Thank you to everyone that came and hope to see you at the next one (once I arrange a date!!).

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