Monday, June 01, 2009

a month of colour

Who has had a chance this morning to check out Shimelle's blog, if you've been reading her blog you may have guessed that the mystery event starting today is all about colour.

Its funny, I imagine we all have a favourite colour but I can't say I've thought about why or how it became my favourite! Shimelle writes so well that she really makes you think... today made me think all about my favourite colours.

So just like her, Green has always been top of my list. When I think back I'm not sure where it started - was it my first real car (I say real car, as my first ever car was written off two weeks exactly to the day I brought it and my second car, a brown Volvo estate, courtesy of my Nan and Grandad was really not a cool car to drive at 18). I think my love of Green started way before this though, with my collection of frogs!! I'm giving everything away now. Needless to say when I brought my first house the frogs just had to go (although I think I've still got a few of the rare ones in the loft!) - but the green stayed, over the years Green in almost every shade has appeared in one format or another across the house.

Mine was this colour originally but had been sprayed a pea green....rather unique!

Now my second favorite colour - I can pinpoint exactly when this colour became my favourite and why!! and no I'm not copying Shimelle! (My mum......can vouch for me!!). Not a girlie girl growing up, I don't actually remember owning or wearing anything PINK (unless you count the thin pink strip in the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom). When Stanley, my youngest darling, was born 5 years ago, the prospect of a house full of boys with no girlie colour at all became a little too overwhelming. That's when the PINK came in.....

Pink and Green are an excellent combo of colours, complemeting each other in scrapbook layouts. Very occasionally...much to the dismay of my little darlings......I try to sneak some pink into my layouts.

Thanks Shimelle and I look forward to more posts.
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