Tuesday, July 07, 2009


For one reason or another I haven't blogged for a while - so I'm warning you now.... this may well be a long and waffled post!

Can you believe we are now in July, school finishes next week YEY!! no more making packed lunches for a whole seven weeks.
.....So what have I been up too:-

-In June I made sure I checked out Shimelle's blog - her month of colour was a huge inspiration, if you didn't get a chance to have a look here are some links which I think will be of forever use:

- I made a recent purchase from Kirstyfish, these buttons are fab, the colour, the sizes and styles. I would show you what I've used them on but it's a pressie so you'll have to wait.

-I found these crochet roses and have made a mental note to try and make some. My layered flowers turned out well....I think so....
(very bad picture, they really do look much better in the flesh!)

- Jack made a robot (with a little help from his big brother and a lot of arguing with his little brother - oh the joys!) using this months Scrapbook Inspirations as a guide. I will post some photos when he's finished, we're just waiting for some toilet roll holders to make the legs.

- I was invited to hold an all day crop for a lovely group of ladies from Ravenstone WI (Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so I wasn't able to take any photographs) I had a lovely day, (thank you) and hope they enjoyed the day too and continue with their scrapbooks.

- Layouts, these have taken a back seat for a few weeks. The layout below is one I done for a class sample, it gives you an idea on how to use those numbers you accumulate with your alpha (or is it just me!). There are a couple of other lo's but I'm unable to post them. They are photos from school and have other children in them....on the bright side at least I'm still able to record school activities even if I can't share them with you.

(Just loving this Kraft paper)

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