Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fame and Fortune

I was recently asked by Emma if she could mention our club in a craft feature in her community magazine Essentially Local. How lovely.... until she asked me how i would describe scrapbooking. Pretty papers, stickers and glue!! not quite what she was looking for. So for those of you that might just read the article and pop across to see what scrapbooking is all about i hope this post helps. How would you describe scrapbooking? Photographs, journalling, memorabilia... I always find this the hardest question to answer, its not so much what scrapbooking is or what you do...for me it's more what it means.

So what does it mean? - it means i keep my sanity!! and with three boys believe me i need something! Above all else i find scrapbooking means that i get to record not just the big things in life but the simple, everyday moments that can be overlooked. Each page you create, project you complete is a part of you and what you want others to see or remember.

Do you have to be creative? if this were true, i don't think i could have been enticed. I am by no means creative, i wouldn't be able to draw a picture if my life depended on it. But over time you learn how to use and develop techniques which help with the creative side.

Is it expensive? This is the best part of scrapbooking, these days with home-made books/albums scrapbooking isn't expensive. I''m a firm believer that this hobby fits any budget and that means it doesn't have to be expensive.....however you need to beware that scrapbooking is addictive and there is always something you want, need or just simply have to have.

Classes/crops - i started these when i moved from London in favour of village life five years ago. It meant meeting new people and sharing a passion. The crops are held in the evenings on various dates throughout the month. Every now and then we have all day crops too.

If you would like further details about scrapbooking or classes/crops please feel free to leave a comment or email me.


Another layout to share, following on from the one below. Again my attempts to show you the layering didn't turn out-but i think you may be able to click on the photo to make it bigger, you may then be able to see more detail.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blog Challenge

The lovely Karen, who's photographs are amazing and can be checked out here, sent me a blog challenge. To show the fourth photograph from the fourth file from "my pictures" and write about it. Phew is all I can say...the fifth picture was a not very nice one. So here it is:-

Hayling Island Beach, on the rare day of our holiday that didn't rain. A place that we've been going to for a number of years and this photograph was my attempt at a creative shot.
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