Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweet Child of Mine....

( guns and roses)

....if only that were true, those of you who know Stan know he's better suited to the Devil in Disguise!

Don't you just sometimes feel like the worst mum in the whole world.......or maybe it's just me.

Last week I was sorting through the chest I keep all my scrapbooks in when Stanley asked to see his book...........yikes!! after two boys I couldn't face another baby boy album so I never done one.

I know I know.....It's not all bad I do have layouts of Stan over the past five years. It's not that I never done any, its that I never got around to putting all the layouts into an album just for him. Try explaining that to a five year old!! It didn't go down well.

So now I am on a mission to put together a 12 x 12 book just of Stanley.........and believe me he is making sure it happens. Everytime I sit down he asks if i'm doing his baby photos!

Here's the first few. Lovely minds eye papers, bazzil cardstock, American craft and mm letter stickers.

sweet child of mine

Beautiful Stanley

So much to love about you

Its that time of year again to be thinking about Journal your Christmas. Pop over to Shimelle's blog to read all about it.


  1. Fab LOs Louise - beautiful photos, Stan will lovel his album! xx

  2. How cute is he and how guilty are you feeling?? Great lo's and photos, he will love it when the album is finished. xx


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