Friday, January 29, 2010

Journal your Christmas 2010

At last! I had some time today to add the pictures of my Christmas Journal. My aim was to finish it before the end of January and I'm just about there....phew! Below you can see the book and front page and the rest I've put in the slide show on the right hand side.

(The photos are not brilliant...sorry!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Circle Journal

Last year I took part in a circle journal on UKS. The idea is to prepare a mini book for scrapping photos of your choice, although some CJ's are themed. The mini book was passed around the 10 of us, each of us completing a double layout using the photos provided with the mini book. I prepared a Bind it All chipboard cover 5x7 book and chose some photos I'd taken while out on a family walk. I'm not sure if I've explained this well enough so if you like more information then pop across to UKS where you can find out more.

Below are some photos of the book I prepared before sending it off on its travels.

PS. Next I WILL be posting photographs of JYC, but if you're in need of some prettiness have a look at this and this video and this tutorial.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pucker Up

Looking back at photographs reminds you just how quickly time passes by. A lo of Stanley, when he was ooh so cute! Love those lips Stan xx

Monday, January 11, 2010


On my recent photography course we were asked to download Picasa, free software editing from google. I reluctantly downloaded the program....the reason I say reluctantly is because the editing program on my PC works well and why change something that I understand how to work! For the purpose of the course I did download Picasa and Iused it.

The reason I'm mentioning this now is because today I received the photos I sent off for print last week. I love all the different sized photos but its hard to get prints in any size other than the standard ones offered, and I'm not one to print at home. of the features in Picasa is the create a collage button, so I made a few (well slighlty more than a few!) and sent them off to be printed in 7x5. They arrived today and they look fabulous, I can't wait to finish off my Christmas journal with these pictures now. Here's one or two to show you want I mean

It really is worth a try. You can make your spacing between each photo bigger or smaller and can keep shuffling the photos around until you get them exactly as you want them... if you don't have a software editing program then Picasa really is worth a try.

PS. I've added the new crop dates in the side bar.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Year Long Classes

True to my word I've come back today to point you in the direction of some classes. The first two classes are run in conjunction with UKS. If you are still not a member of UKS then you really should give it a go. I thought it was quite daunting at first but after a while you get to know your way around and there is so much information on there that it's the first place i go too if i want to find something out or I'm in need of inspiration. Anyway moving onto the classes, here are some that may interest you:
  • Shimelle's Document 2010: is on the 4th Monday of each month. You can find more details here.
  • Scrapdolly's 52 in 10, is a weekly class with weekly downloads. You can download the first one here.
  • Retrospection is one of my favorite blogs at the moment, i love her loaded layouts and if you keep an eye out, there should be a class on her blog very soon.

In need of Inspiration for 2010:

  • Lollychops has some monthly down loadable calenders on her blog.
  • SJ has also been offering free downloads on her blog too.
  • Ali Edwards is showing you what to do with all your Christmas cards. Photo Christmas cards seems to be an American tradition, but it gave me the idea that you could combine your Christmas cards with odd photos from the year, you know the ones you printed for a layout but never used. I'm guilty of that one.

As and when I find more i'll be sure to post them here. Happy 2010 scrapping

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy New Year

Apologies for a rather belated Happy New Year. I thought I'd take the opportunity today to catch up. We have a snow day...whoop whoop! school closed and no work!!

There is so much to catch up on, Journal your Christmas which I'm half way through..... but first I wanted to start the new year off with some exciting year long projects. So all those of you that started the new year hoping to scrap more please, keep reading.

Last year I decided that I wanted to complete a year long project:
  • 365 challenge - a photo a day seemed just to much to take on.
  • a layout a week - even with my best intentions this seemed just a little to much too.
  • scrap your day - taking photo's on the same day each too much to remember.

I did wonder too if I really wanted to embark on a year long project! During a conversation at a class I was inspired by Jackie, (who unfortunately doesn't have a blog...but really should.) This project could actually work for me. One layout a month showing the highs.... and lows.

If you're like me and keep all your photos in monthly folders on your PC and again, like me, take far too many photos (64 for 5 mins outside my front door this morning! oh and that was without the boys!) then you should have no problems selecting a handful of photos to scrap each month. As I said this is really quick, no fills or frolics just plain and simple!!!

So here is my 2009 monthly project. And in true "me style" Nov and Dec are missing.... Note to self - really must get some photos printed.

And tomorrow i'll be posting some links to on-line projects.
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