Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy New Year

Apologies for a rather belated Happy New Year. I thought I'd take the opportunity today to catch up. We have a snow day...whoop whoop! school closed and no work!!

There is so much to catch up on, Journal your Christmas which I'm half way through..... but first I wanted to start the new year off with some exciting year long projects. So all those of you that started the new year hoping to scrap more please, keep reading.

Last year I decided that I wanted to complete a year long project:
  • 365 challenge - a photo a day seemed just to much to take on.
  • a layout a week - even with my best intentions this seemed just a little to much too.
  • scrap your day - taking photo's on the same day each too much to remember.

I did wonder too if I really wanted to embark on a year long project! During a conversation at a class I was inspired by Jackie, (who unfortunately doesn't have a blog...but really should.) This project could actually work for me. One layout a month showing the highs.... and lows.

If you're like me and keep all your photos in monthly folders on your PC and again, like me, take far too many photos (64 for 5 mins outside my front door this morning! oh and that was without the boys!) then you should have no problems selecting a handful of photos to scrap each month. As I said this is really quick, no fills or frolics just plain and simple!!!

So here is my 2009 monthly project. And in true "me style" Nov and Dec are missing.... Note to self - really must get some photos printed.

And tomorrow i'll be posting some links to on-line projects.


  1. Great LOs Louise and lovely to look backk on to see what you all did. I also did a monthly project but still have October, November and December to finish! xx

  2. Love the LO's and the idea. Have you seen Dolly's 52 in 10 challenge?? xx


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