Monday, January 11, 2010


On my recent photography course we were asked to download Picasa, free software editing from google. I reluctantly downloaded the program....the reason I say reluctantly is because the editing program on my PC works well and why change something that I understand how to work! For the purpose of the course I did download Picasa and Iused it.

The reason I'm mentioning this now is because today I received the photos I sent off for print last week. I love all the different sized photos but its hard to get prints in any size other than the standard ones offered, and I'm not one to print at home. of the features in Picasa is the create a collage button, so I made a few (well slighlty more than a few!) and sent them off to be printed in 7x5. They arrived today and they look fabulous, I can't wait to finish off my Christmas journal with these pictures now. Here's one or two to show you want I mean

It really is worth a try. You can make your spacing between each photo bigger or smaller and can keep shuffling the photos around until you get them exactly as you want them... if you don't have a software editing program then Picasa really is worth a try.

PS. I've added the new crop dates in the side bar.

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  1. Have heard about this but never tried it or seen the results - they look great, can see me making the effort now. x


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