Monday, March 15, 2010

Something from Almost Nothing...

Shimelle's new class started last week.
Prompt one was to use metal.....I have one of them Really Useful Boxes.....which I use just for know those metal tags, corners, washers etc....but do you think I can find it...NO!! My scrap stash is quite well organised (I think!) but it is scattered all over the house. With no dedicated room ("sigh"... I so wish!) I use whatever space is available for storing stash. My excuse to buy more is to say "its for the classes".
Shimelle challenged us to photograph our stash, so I put together a little collage.
  • 1 sideboards (two of the top drawers hold punches) which holds papers and embellies.
  • 1 four door sideboard which holds stamps, big shot, paints, threads, scraps and RUB's.
  • a corner for two big bags and a guillotine.
  • a shelf in the study (no photo) for magazines and books.
  • a very high top wardrobe shelf in younger sons bedroom for material, more stamps, dreamcuts.
  • Plus a low shelf for sewing machine.........which is rather antique and very rarely comes out
  • a metal cabinet in the garage for the sizzix dies and bind it all.
  • and then there's a chest........which holds all my books/albums:-


  1. you've got a nice lot of stash and it looks very organised. I keep telling my youngest son he will have to move out as I need his room!!

  2. Very organised - unlike my bombsite.

  3. Your stash is very organised Louise! I have a room for mine and it is a tip! I can never find anything even though I try and get it into some sort of order! xx


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