Friday, June 11, 2010

Love this Boy

Its so hard to believe that this beautiful boy is 8 tomorrow. Born in 2002 during the England V Nigeria World Cup game, I remember thinking he'll be 4 when its the next world cup.....!! He's now 8......quite frightening really.

This layout has been sitting on the side since the all day crop and only yesterday did I finish it off. I wanted to show Jack just what he looks like when I ask him for a photograph. He'll make this sad, miserable face every time I take a photo....and straight after he'll be laughing. I find it really frustrating, there are so many family photos with him pulling this exact same a point where for a while I tried not to take any direct pictures of him.

This layout is now sitting in the dining room and is a reminder for him, that tomorrow I'd like to get some photos of him happy and smiling....I won't hold my breath *sigh*

The world cup starts today *yay* enjoy!


  1. boys, they're all the same!

  2. Great idea and great lO - hope he does you proud tomorrow. xx

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've come to check out your blog too and it's lovely!You have some fab pages and projects here, I'll be back for inspiration!

  4. My daughter was the same when she was little, it was hard to get nice photos for a while! Lovely LO! xx


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