Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day Out.... Brackley Town's Motorcycle festival.

Anyone that knows me knows my husband has a motorbike and spends far too much time in the garage messing about with it!! It was inevitable that we would end up at the festival.

Dare I say......If it's not too far from you and you didn't make it this year, it really is worth considering for next year. The festival is in aid of Autism and the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Okay so there were far too many motorcycles, thousands!... and we had to walk around all of them!! It was far too noisy and smokey at times and we spent a you do with three boys wanting to go on the rides...... but the events really were worth watching. The main attraction being the Stunt Rider Craig Jones

Just look at the photos I took....

I like this photo but I cut off the back tyre, so annoying!!

.... who invited the official photographer eh *tut tut* He got in the way of lots of my shots, this one intrigued me though.........what is he taking a photo of? Mr Wing's (Craig's side kick) reflection in the petrol tank, I'm not sure?

No handed!! i couldn't even do this on my push bike *laugh*

Bet Mr Wing suffers with bad headache's after these stunt shows, there were sparks coming of his helmet!
....see all the crowd, there were thousands of people watching!

He smoked us out....

......and this is what happened!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Scrapbooking with Layers

Another card... for this challenge.

The layers for this card consist of a large flower die, circles, an acetate dollie using a Hero Arts stamp, a chipboard label and more circles.I've really enjoyed doing these challenges and it would have been even better to have had the time to do them all. My sister and nephews are arriving today so i've had to pack everything away so we can eat in the dining room!!

Scrapbooking with Squares

Last night I managed to complete another two challenges, this one is to scrapbook with squares.

The photos are of my eight year old nephew Charlie. He is a fantastic footballer and there I was trying to catch the perfect shot of him keeping the ball in the air.

The journalling reads " Our fantastic footballer who we all hope will play for England one day"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Challenge....Smiles

Another simple, straight forward challenge....or so you'd think. Try taking a photo of Jack smiling without him showing his teeth!! awwww bless him..... what a mean mum trying to get him to keep his mouth shut......such a struggle *laugh* I'm sure he'll grow into his *gnashers* one day!!

*Love you Jack*

Photo Challenge...Craft in progress

A fairly easy challenge to start today, to take a photo of my craft in progress, the next photos i'm going to scrap are of my eight year old newphew who is a fantastic footballer, he makes keeping the ball in air look so easy........

I always tidy between each project, otherwise it all gets out of hand and before I know I can't see the dining room!

Study Session Photo Challenge

I love to read... to get lost in a book... to get moaned at for laughing out loud at the funny bits....but mostly I love that Harry is fascinated with books. He has a huge collection, from the Guinness book of records, which believe me he read from cover to cover... to Crocodile tears by Alex Rider. This is how I found him in his room yesterday, laying on his bed, his book resting on his pillow totally absorbed!

*He lifts his read for a split second to moan at me for taking yet another photo of him reading! I tell him he'll be pleased to see all the books he read one day*

Scrapbooking with Black and White Photos

...and another Challenge... (I was on a roll last night) use black and white photos
(...and a hand made embellishment.)

Jack and Stan arm wrestling......and Jack was not going to let Stan (his little brother!) beat him! A little healthy competition doesn't hurt!

Scrapbooking with patterned papers

This challenge is here and as I have some small cards I thought i'd try to make one using a few scraps of patterned paper.

Scrapbooking with Red Aqua and White

This challenge can be found here....

I knew what photo I wanted to scrap when I saw this challenge. The photo of Stanley, who wore his Grandad's old motorbike gloves, as he slept in the car, all the way home from London...with a filthy dirty face an all!! These are Frank Thomas (doesn't mean anything to me, but it might to some!) gloves, well over 25 years old, and I think you'd be hard pushed to buy similar ones now.

Red Aqua and White has been squeezed into this layout with Bazzil Dot card, some old scraps of patterned paper which I have a feeling could be College Press(??) AC Alpa, MM Ribbon and a Glimmer Misted flower. Thanks Shimelle, I loved this one!

Summer online crop

Have you been to Shimelle's this weekend? I have!! and i think this is the first time I've done a challenge within the specified time limit.....thanks to Karen..... who had the boys over to hers yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours.

I'll share soon........

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holiday Blues....

Align CentreIts been a while since I last blogged. The last few weeks of school were manic...there were secondary school induction days, parties and presents plus all the packing for our summer holiday. It's been a long time (over 11 years) since I've been on a plane, a first for the boys!! I'd forgotten about the whole (very early morning) airport experience. All went well though and after two very hot weeks of relaxation its back to normality...and piles of washing and ironing.

I snapped away for most of the holiday, the boys collected memorabilia..(oh and some loose tiles from the bottom of the swimming pool....*shush*.... I can see these on the front cover of my holiday book *laugh*!!) ...and were mostly in agreement with my photo shoots. Each one took their turn in having an off day in front of the camera.

Here are some a few of my favourite ones,
I loved this old quaint road within the Fort Wall, but I'm wondering if I slightly over exposed this shot.
Our sand castle

I think this is possibly my (at the moment) most favourite photo.

......and this one of Jack *aaarrwww*

Now would any of these photos look better if I had photo shop?? Surely a little enhancing here and there wouldn't go amiss......think this might have to be a christmas purchase!!
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