Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day Out.... Brackley Town's Motorcycle festival.

Anyone that knows me knows my husband has a motorbike and spends far too much time in the garage messing about with it!! It was inevitable that we would end up at the festival.

Dare I say......If it's not too far from you and you didn't make it this year, it really is worth considering for next year. The festival is in aid of Autism and the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Okay so there were far too many motorcycles, thousands!... and we had to walk around all of them!! It was far too noisy and smokey at times and we spent a you do with three boys wanting to go on the rides...... but the events really were worth watching. The main attraction being the Stunt Rider Craig Jones

Just look at the photos I took....

I like this photo but I cut off the back tyre, so annoying!!

.... who invited the official photographer eh *tut tut* He got in the way of lots of my shots, this one intrigued me though.........what is he taking a photo of? Mr Wing's (Craig's side kick) reflection in the petrol tank, I'm not sure?

No handed!! i couldn't even do this on my push bike *laugh*

Bet Mr Wing suffers with bad headache's after these stunt shows, there were sparks coming of his helmet!
....see all the crowd, there were thousands of people watching!

He smoked us out....

......and this is what happened!


  1. OMG those photos are fantastic - so glad Mick has never mentioned going - don't think I shall be showing him these.LOL - he has now decided he wants a new bike ..... here we go again!! xx

  2. Had managed to hide these photos from Mick but he has just spotted them !!!!!! Loves them too.


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