Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday morning the girls created their very own scrap canvas. Here are some photos of them all after two and a half hours of spraying, inking, layering and sticking. Each canvas was sprayed with diamond glimmer's a shame you can't see from these photo's just how sparkly these canvases actually were. The edges were inked.......i managed to persuade them all not to ink over the front of the canvas like the one i tried out!!! one day I'll show the disastrous inked canvas ..NOT...*laugh* Each scallop oval was layered to create mini embellishments and then a strip was placed at the bottom. Now the strip...this was supposed to be covered in small scrunched, inked hearts and flowers, not only did we run out of time but some of the girls decided they didn't want to embellish the strip.......i think maybe they had had enough.... or maybe they liked their canvas just as it was!

Not long after this class I whizzed over to my sisters to meet my brand new nephew. I thought I'd share him with you....he is so divine, so perfect and so beautiful. Meet Archie...who is cradled in the safe arms of my other sister, who you can imagine was very relucant to give him to anyone else for a cuddle *laugh*


  1. Wow love the new look. What an gorgeous baby, he is adorable. Great photos, certainly much much better than what I managed today!!

    Those canvases look great. Lovely to see some youngest getting into scrapbooking as well.

  2. The girls have done a great job with the canvases! Your little nephew is gorgeous, will look forward to seeing a few baby pages :)

  3. The canvases look amazing - real works of art. You new nephew looks adorable - and lots of new scrapbooking opportunities with his photos!

  4. The canvases look great - love all the dimension - they must have taken quite a while to create and are all beautiful.

    Your new nephew is gorgeous - takes me back - great photos of him already :)


  5. Your little nephew is devine Louise! I don't think I would have given him up for a cuddle either, he he he!


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