Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet the family... trying to get a photo of us all is hard work. I set up the tripod, set the camera to work from the remote control and then gathered everyone together. They all huffed and they all do when I get my camera out......then they moaned and groaned because I couldn't get the remote control to work *laugh* eventually we did get some photo's.

now I'm trying to remember what papers I used?!?!? It's rather late and I can't think I think I may have to let you know......

In these photo's are my mum and dad, my two sisters and their husbands, my brother, my niece, (*note* the only girl in the family!) and my three nephews. My fourth nephew is due tomorrow....and I can't wait to me the little fella. Oh and when we are all together it really is complete and utter bedlam!!!!!

Other news - Today I have read on UKS that Tim Holtz is coming to Newport Pagnell..... .here's the link if you are interested.


  1. Fab layout, I love the heart and those are brilliant photos! :)

  2. Fab LO great photos and so worth the effort!

  3. What a fantastic group and well done to get them all together. xx

  4. Love this - what a great family record. I'm glad your managed to get the shot you wanted in the end - definately worth the trouble!

  5. it's great when you manage to get a shot of everyone x


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