Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I don't know about you, but when we go to the beach we don't take much with us....including money. This was our first day on the beach and the boys must have looked very enticing to the beach sellers. They were straight over to us tempting the boys with *very large* pieces of fruit.

Some kids don't like fruit, mine love it, so this was like dangling a large bag if sweets in front of them. They were given samples to taste of melon, pineapple and watermelon.... all the while I'm saying no, no, no thank you....knowing we had only a few euros on us......but the lady is still giving the boys fruit....they were torn between their mum and dad shaking their head at them and this lady telling them to take, take, take...bless em!!

At only two Euros each slice, me thinks this melon was good value, (especially when you consider the small pots in Marks and Spencer).......only we didn't have 6 euros on us, did we!! Eventually the beach seller agreed to take the few euros we had *shame on us* and the boys settled on a slice of watermelon each. Mum reaches for the camera, takes a zillion shots and for once they don't notice.

A trip to the beach is supposed to be relaxing, that 20 minutes was exhausting!!! *laugh*
oooh happy holidays!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

True Stories

...started today over on Shimelle's blog.

I joined the True Stories class last night, in the hope that the prompts will get me to think about how I journal and help me to tell my stories.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

More holiday layouts...

Not much paper has been used on this layout, I used a glimmer mist to get a splatter effect on the card. This technique always looks fantastic on everyone else's layouts....*big sigh* mine looks like two large splodges *laugh* !!...not quite what I was trying to achieve. You can so see that all this arty stuff just doesn't come naturally to me!

These photos were taken at 3.30am....believe me, I wasn't smiling!!
The next layout is a reminder of the view from our apartment window...there's a small photo and journaling on the pull out tag which slides under the two photos.
and I've just noticed, I spelt apartment wrong on this layout...ooops!!

Before I go I'd like to say thank you to all you ladies that left kind comments on the post below..thank you.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fabric covers all....

Earlier this year I visited the NEC for their Hobby Crafts exhibition. The scrapbook trends magazine man was there, selling back issues for £1.00. A fair I brought a few issues including a Simply Handmade issue. In the magazine was a tutorial for a fabric Album cover. Well I fell in love with this and thought maybe I could give it a go......

Sooo, as Sylvia (my trusted sewing machine) could not be trusted with this project.....and nor could I for that matter (my sewing skills stop at hems and buttons) I took all my fabric scraps (thanks to my good friend Gitte) over to my mums and asked her to show me how to make a cover.

......My mum made me measure, press and pin the fabric I wanted to use, I got told off for not keeping/storing all my fabric flat *tut tut* .... after a couple of hours I made something that resembles a cover. Mum was great..... she made me do all the work, when secretly I was hoping she'd do it all for me *laugh* !!!

Now I had no project in mind for this cover, and I still have no idea what I'll use it for.... but I do know that i'd like to have another go, using Muslin which is a little thicker, maybe for this years Christmas Journal.Now don't look too close, or you'll see all the wonky stitching.

The cover still needs a good steam and press to get all those creases out and next time I would like to add some padding for some softness, and try to be a little more adventurous. The cover is 7 x 5 and I based the size on a Zutter Cover-all.
*ta daaaa*

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Banana Frog Stamps.....

.....I won these *yay* by commenting on Nat's blog here they arrived in the post on Saturday. They will be so lovely for Christmas cards and Journal my Christmas. Thank You Nat

Talking of Christmas, Ali Edwards has posted two different covers for her 6 x 8 December daily. Look here and here. If you fancy making your own bows to decorate your Christmas presents then this tutorial is for you.

Before Christmas though we have Halloween, take a look at these....I love em!!

There is lots inspiring me at the moment, I really should spend more time creating and less time blog hopping....

This weekend I want to try this tree out....lolly chops is amazing with her you can watch her create too with a video link.

Finally I'd like to leave you with this mini book. I love the use of the bingo cards and what a lovely way to use some of your favorite summer photos.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

All Inclusive

...was the best kind of holiday for us, with three boys asking for a drink every two minutes.... I think we saved ourselves a fortune.

This layout documents Jack and Stanley's eating and drinking habits on holiday. Breakfast was more or less the same every day, a huge selection was on offer from cereals, toast, pastries, crepes, fruit, to a full English breakfast. The boys started out with sausage, beans and egg....moving on in the second week to pineapple rings and tomatoes.......well what can i say!!... it is a healthy combination!!

Drinks were the same, although they were all fizzed out as early on as day three. Sitting by the pool, in the scorching sun, Jack says "can i just have a cup of tea please" awww bless! That would be his second cup of tea too, his first one was with breakfast.

I'm slowly ploughing through all the holiday photos, still a huge pile to go back soon with some more layouts.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Life, love and scrap giving away a whole Whoo-ligans range from Bo Bunny. Pop across to her fabulous blog to see what she's made from the range, I can see a few of these Halloween Banners popping up around the village!

Last year i blogged about putting together a mini-book of all the Halloween photos...i still haven't got around to doing this.........maybe winning these papers will help *laugh*.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

It seems a long time ago now.....

...that we were sitting by the pool, supping a ice cold beer, or in Jack's case reading his book.

If you wanted a sunbed by the pool you had to be up at the crack of dawn......just what you want when you're on holiday!! I suppose it wasn't such a big deal really, the boys enjoyed seeing if they would be the first one in the pool on that morning. I took this photo while they were sitting at the edge of the pool waiting for their sun cream to soak in....every two minutes Stan would say "Can we get in now?"

Bazzill Bling card stock, October afternoon patterned papers, AC thickers and rub-on's

Just before our holiday the boys started swimming lessons... They could all a fashion....and were confident in the water. After only approx 8-10 lessons Stanley and Jack were determined to swim front crawl across the pool. It wasn't a small pool either! They were completely at ease being out of their depth (unlike their mum *laugh*) and loved every minute of being in the much so there wasn't much else they wanted to do!!
This layout is of Stan...

Blogger seems to be giving me grief tonight with uploading photos, so I'll try to pop back on tomorrow with some more holiday layouts.
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