Thursday, October 07, 2010

All Inclusive

...was the best kind of holiday for us, with three boys asking for a drink every two minutes.... I think we saved ourselves a fortune.

This layout documents Jack and Stanley's eating and drinking habits on holiday. Breakfast was more or less the same every day, a huge selection was on offer from cereals, toast, pastries, crepes, fruit, to a full English breakfast. The boys started out with sausage, beans and egg....moving on in the second week to pineapple rings and tomatoes.......well what can i say!!... it is a healthy combination!!

Drinks were the same, although they were all fizzed out as early on as day three. Sitting by the pool, in the scorching sun, Jack says "can i just have a cup of tea please" awww bless! That would be his second cup of tea too, his first one was with breakfast.

I'm slowly ploughing through all the holiday photos, still a huge pile to go back soon with some more layouts.


  1. This is fab Louise :) A gorgeous layout to celebrate what (I agree) is an excellent holiday invention!

  2. A great LO and a fantstic idea to scrap this - I love the new look of your blog [very cute little owls]
    Ju xx

  3. I love your little layered embellies and journal tags. Very Nice!

  4. Great page Louise and I love the photos :)

  5. Great LO, love your embellis....though tomato and pineapple!!!! must be full of antioxidants and other good things :) Great moment to capture.


  6. Great subject for your layout - I think you should record the little things as they are the things you'd forget if you don't!


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