Friday, October 22, 2010

Fabric covers all....

Earlier this year I visited the NEC for their Hobby Crafts exhibition. The scrapbook trends magazine man was there, selling back issues for £1.00. A fair I brought a few issues including a Simply Handmade issue. In the magazine was a tutorial for a fabric Album cover. Well I fell in love with this and thought maybe I could give it a go......

Sooo, as Sylvia (my trusted sewing machine) could not be trusted with this project.....and nor could I for that matter (my sewing skills stop at hems and buttons) I took all my fabric scraps (thanks to my good friend Gitte) over to my mums and asked her to show me how to make a cover.

......My mum made me measure, press and pin the fabric I wanted to use, I got told off for not keeping/storing all my fabric flat *tut tut* .... after a couple of hours I made something that resembles a cover. Mum was great..... she made me do all the work, when secretly I was hoping she'd do it all for me *laugh* !!!

Now I had no project in mind for this cover, and I still have no idea what I'll use it for.... but I do know that i'd like to have another go, using Muslin which is a little thicker, maybe for this years Christmas Journal.Now don't look too close, or you'll see all the wonky stitching.

The cover still needs a good steam and press to get all those creases out and next time I would like to add some padding for some softness, and try to be a little more adventurous. The cover is 7 x 5 and I based the size on a Zutter Cover-all.
*ta daaaa*


  1. This looks fab! I was only looking at one of these in Scrapbooks Etc this morning and thinking how good they looked you have done a great job :)

  2. Hi Lou,
    I love this album cover, it's so cute and the colours are fab.
    Have a great weekend - Ju xx

  3. What a great project, it turned out beautifully.

  4. absolutely gorgeous, I love it x

  5. It's gorgeous! And another version for Christmas would look very, very chic. I love it.

  6. It looks like it would fit the kids composition books. a nice alternative to the b&w speckled covers. very cute. i think i will follow your blog, i have enjoyed all i have seen here. (my mom taught me to sew when I was a kid. I am so thankful for that. gotta love mom..right?)

  7. I think you have done a fantastic job under your mum's watchful eye - glad she made you do it and not do it for you :D
    I think a christmas one would be great. x

  8. Oh my goodness that is just gorgeous, you should make them and sell them! :)


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