Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

A very simple, no fuss layout, which i thought looked okay-ish, until Harry (who's 11) came to see what I was up to and his comment was "huh!! looks more like a valentine page than a holiday one" Cheers H!!....don't ya just love em!!

Anyway this is Stanley who'd been trying so hard to be a starfish. *Bless* we'd been telling him remember head back and belly up. Once he's mastered the art, he spent ages floating on his back. I have the same photos of the other two to scrap, so I'll see what Harry he has to say about them!


  1. Kids, that why we have them:) I like the use of just one colour very effective. x

  2. It says what you feel though, doesn't it? Nicely done!

  3. Really like the effect of using the same card for the page accents. Kids always seem to know how to say the right (wrong) thing!

  4. Kids eh! DHs can be just as bad lol. Great page, love the inked cardstock looks great on the dotted swiss.


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