Thursday, December 16, 2010

The first few pages....

....of my Christmas Journal. After three years of following Shimelle's Journal your Christmas I thought this year I'd have a change. As I'm trying *very hard* to improve my photographic skills I thought I'd have the photos as my main focus. I've used Ali Edwards overlays and prepared the front cover of the book. My printer isn't too hot so I sent the first batch off to be printed and will show you some pictures of how the book is progressing once the lighting brightens up a's been so dark and miserable here today.

I've journalled directly on the photos and Day 1 refers to my nephew.

On day 2 I went for a wander to take some photos for the photo challenge.

On day 3 I caught Harry at the
advert calendar. That's quite a pout he has there *laugh*

Day four involves some other children so I best not share.......

Day 5 was a visit to see my nephew. A couple of days before he came out of hospital he was allowed home for a few hours so we went to see him. The photo is awful and was taken with a mobile phone......but it marks the i'm ok with a blurred photo, and this one really was the best of a bad bunch!!

Harry making chocolates for his school Christmas fare.

Day 7, was the day everything was covered in a white frost and the whole place looked absolutely beautiful.


  1. Louise these pages are great. I'm only up to page 3 !!! Though hoping to crack on was today is over.xx

  2. Fab photos Louise, I love how you are doing the journaling on the photos! :)

  3. Love your frosty landscape photo. I can't resist snapping away when the weather is like that.

  4. love the way you're doing this, the photos are great x


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