Thursday, December 23, 2010

Light Painting

This weeks photography challenge is light painting. I've never done this before so after a while on You Tube watching video's (what would I do without You Tube!!) I was set to go. I had my trusted helper........which turned into helperrrrrrsssss!! Each one of them thinking they were better than the other *laugh* It was great fun and worth a go.
Harry started off with drawing stick men....

....then Col had to try it using two torches!!!
(typical man!!!)

.....Stanley thought he was auditioning for the Ready Break advert....

There was a little too much light in these photo's still, even though it was pitch after playing around and adjusting my camera settings, the photo's were coming out much better. I imagine that these could be adjusted in photoshop, but it would take forever to try, so they are as they came out of the camera. This one is my favourite.

As this is probably my last post before Christmas.........i'd like to send you all lots of love and wish you all a very Merry where'd he put the Bailey's!!!!

Edited to can find Karen's fabulous Christmas Lights photos from last week here.


  1. These are great Louise, so glad you enjoyed doing them, I find it very addictive - not that I have mastered it yet. well done. xx

    Hope you all have a great Christmas. xx

  2. Great photos, I have always wanted to try these but didn't really know how so at least I now know to look on you tube! Should have guessed! :)

  3. And I'm sending you our very best wishes for a very merry Christmas right back to you and your family Louise x I've been really enjoying getting to know you this year!


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