Saturday, December 04, 2010

Why oh Why... I obsessed with the weather? Every few hours I want to know if the forecast has changed. I have never known it so cold, yesterday the temp was -8 at 6pm and I was freezing. This evening though all I had to do was sit next to my little man to get warm, his temp was 40' bless he wasn't a happy chappy and it's such a worry when they say their head hurts.

This is week 4 of the photography challenge I'm taking part in. Concentrating on buildings and composition. The focus was on good exposure with good tones, and an interesting composition. On a sunny day this is a good challenge, on a snowy day with a white sky, good tones is a hard one. This is what I came up with. Our Village Church.

Karen, will be posting her next lot of fantastic photos soon, so please pop across to check her's out.

I'm also taking part in Journal your Christmas and hope to post a crafty post soon.


  1. Hope he's feeling a bit better today. Your photos are lovely - I especially like the first one of the church porch.

  2. Fab photos Louise, I especially love the first one, what a beautiful entrance. Hope your little man feels better soon, it is obviously just that time of year, mine keeps waking up and crying because his throat is so sore.

  3. Love the comp on the second photos and the way the bushes lead you up to the church. I also love the first picture of the porch and the contrast of the black and white with the green bush. x

  4. I can understand your weather obsession, I am the same at the moment! What a beautiful church you have in your village.


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