Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pretty Butterflies

As promised earlier today here's what I've been up to this weekend. I've seen loads of these and really wanted to do one to hang in the hallway, which still has bare walls after decorating it before Christmas.

I used the patterned paper range from K&Co called Poppy Seeds, there's a few other scraps thrown in there too. The colours complement the hall. The box frame I picked up in Ikea (and Jackie, if you read this I'm very tempted to get started on your frame too *laugh*)

When the lighting is a little better I'll take another photo as this one doesn't do it justice, but I'm sure you get the gist. Now all that's left to do is convince the husband *sigh* that this will indeed look great hanging in the hall!

I wanted to say thank you to all of you that commented on my Shimelle Sketch Post about my red crocheted flower. I'll post how I made it's made up of three pieces, two circles and a flower.

Photo a week

This week we are looking at still life, exposure and lighting. And if I've learnt something this week it is that I'm a fair weather, outdoor, take a photo kinda girl!! All the messing around with lighting isn't for me......It's been very dark, miserable (that could have just been me *laugh*) and freezing here again for most of the week. Each one of the boys has taken his turn to be ill this week, high temperature, sickness and colds, at the moment it's Harry's turn. Can you tell I feel as if I'm suffering from cabin fever!!

Karen has put some fantastic sunset photos on her blog this week, they are really inspiring as I'm sure her still life photos for this week are too.

I had the ISO set at 800 as the photos were coming out far too dark. The first photo was taken with natural lighting...

and the next photo with side lighting.

I think I prefer the first photo.

Some good has come out of this week though, I've had time to complete some layouts and I've made a picture for the wall. I'll post a photo later on.

Enjoy your week.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Shimelle Sketch

Have you seen Shimelles sketch of the week?

Last night I thought I'd give it a go. Using a sketch always gives me a starting point. The finished layout normally looks nothing like the sketch I used, so this time I tried my hardest to stick to it. These are two more holiday photos and the first photo is one of my holiday favorites, I love the way Stan is leaning into his brother.

Some more K & Co patterned papers, MME alpha and my very own crocheted flower circle with a brad in the middle.
This is my next photo to scrap. I'll see how this evening goes as to whether I get an hour or so.

Before I go I thought I'd share a little conversation with you.
A little chat between a dad and his boys was one that I imagine most parents have with their children at some time or other, this was a general chat which went something along the lines of "if you work hard at school, you'll leave and get a good job, earn lots of money and have a nice life. Life is hard......."

Jack (age 8) pipes up with " yes's harder than Maths"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holding my hand...

Harry was walking along behind us and took this photo, which I cropped to show the holding hands. I dare say rather a rare photograph and possibly the only one of us holding hands (apart from our wedding day!) in the twenty years we've been together.
The Martha Stewart butterfly punch is gorgeous and I can see these butterfly's appearing on everything I do now (that'll impress the boys!). The K&Co butterfly paper was a perfect match.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still life...

was this weeks photo challenge, concentrating on exposure....and there I thinking how easy this week would be! My biggest problem was choosing a subject. I tried Russian Dolls, Vases and fruit before settling on my glass of wine. This is the photo I finally decided on:

You can find Karen's still life photos here

Friday, January 21, 2011

A touch of paradise....

So Majorca probably doesn't fall into the category of paradise?.... but right at this moment....on this very cold evening, some hot sunny weather *wherever* would be...a touch of paradise.
I've had enough now of the cold dark mornings and evenings and Oh *very big sigh* I'm so wishing it would warm up!

These lovely warm summery photos, were sitting amongst the huge, to be scrapped, pile from our holiday last year.

(Bazzill swizz dot cardstock, MME and October Afternoon patterned papers? banana frog birdie stamps)

Lilac and yellow, not a colour combination I usually have the opportunity to use, but it worked well with the photos. Those butterflies I'm loving and can totally see why they are sooo sooo hot at the moment.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We're loving it

After working on smaller pages for a while, I always enjoy creating a 12x12 again. This is a photo I took in a bar in Spain.

(Bazzill cardstock, Jenni Bowling patterned papers, Tim Holtz sizzix star)


....really is at our fingertips..... I was only saying to Harry (he's 11) yesterday how lucky he is to be able to use the Internet to help him with his homework and that I had to traipse to the library, spend hours looking through books, find the info I needed and then hand write all the relevant bits...and that was before I could even start my homework!! "Oh mum" he said, with a roll of the eyes and a flick of his Justin Beiber hair!! There is something to be said about technology.....and in this crafting world I'm thankful that there are so many bloggers posting their latest creations. Here are just a few of the things that have taken my fancy recently:

1. This gorgeous fabric makes me want to sew...maybe I can give this
Christmas garland a try, I think it would be fitting for anytime of the year.

2. These vintage blocks would look lovely in my hallway and this tutorial is going to help me create the word HOME ..........when I eventually get around to it!

3. Ali Edwards posted a link to these love you books..........and I do so love em.

4. This mini book is great and has given me some ideas, maybe I can add a rosette or two.

5. If you're looking for something more to do throughout the year then the Monthly make might interest you, you have until the end of January to sign up...........I am so so tempted!! Thanks to Sian for blogging about it.

6. and again thanks to Sian who blogged about the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, which I know I'll be checking out each month........this is a brilliant idea and I figure if I can put some sort of kit together each month I might be a little more productive with creating layouts. I've just checked out the link and notice that there are already links for making your own embellishments. Certainly one to check out!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

At last... Christmas journal, based on Ali Edwards December Daily. I used Ali's 6x8 December overlays, each one has the day, date and a journalling box. The journal is mainly photo based....some photos are not so good, where they've been taken with a mobile phone when we've been out and about. One photo in particular is completely out of focus but it marks the occasion (I had the camera set on manual focus and hadn't notice............i know i know!!! *laugh*, there really is no hope for me!!) So here goes....this is a very heavy photo post!

The finished book.
Between each page/day there is acetate or card/paper......just to give it a little bit of fancy :)

I have a hole on the church photo to cover up......don't look!!

Oops, hope you can see day 6 under the glitter filled acetate. You can't see too much here, but it looked great, a little like a snow globe...without the globe!
I just love the stitching around the tag on day 8. I tried to stitch as much as I could.
..I had to cover up the other children in this picture of Jack in his school Victoria Christmas concert.
The left Jingle Bells page was a freebie on SJ's blog, it looks great.

....Picking a Christmas tree, the man thought I was bonkers when i asked him, ever so, nicely if he could move to the side so i could take a photograph.
Harry and Stan in a Rugby match
Jack after his Rugby match, he won man of the match *so proud*
...and off they went to the Christmas Panto.

The last swimming lesson of the term so Jack's showing off his badge. Stanley had the *hump* and refused to pose with his watch he'll ask me know why there's not a photo of him in this book with his badge *huh*
My old house, I posted about the BBC1 Christmas advert earlier and this was the first day I actually saw it on TV.

Harry's last swimming lesson of the term.......

snow, snow and more snow.....

My gorgeous nephew Archie...he's growing up so fast and is so adorable.
Some more light painting photos....I must do this again soon,the boys loved it.

I seemed to have missed a page here, Day 24 was a double spread!!

The obligatory Christmas day photograph under the Christmas tree. I remember my mum and dad doing this at Christmas when I was a kid, so I've carried it on.
Finally getting ready for Christmas was a squeeze getting all of us in the dinning room.

This is where it stops, Christmas Day. All the other Christmas photos will make it onto layouts....I hope.

I love Christmas and now it just wouldn't be the same without a Christmas Journal.

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