Friday, January 14, 2011

At last... Christmas journal, based on Ali Edwards December Daily. I used Ali's 6x8 December overlays, each one has the day, date and a journalling box. The journal is mainly photo based....some photos are not so good, where they've been taken with a mobile phone when we've been out and about. One photo in particular is completely out of focus but it marks the occasion (I had the camera set on manual focus and hadn't notice............i know i know!!! *laugh*, there really is no hope for me!!) So here goes....this is a very heavy photo post!

The finished book.
Between each page/day there is acetate or card/paper......just to give it a little bit of fancy :)

I have a hole on the church photo to cover up......don't look!!

Oops, hope you can see day 6 under the glitter filled acetate. You can't see too much here, but it looked great, a little like a snow globe...without the globe!
I just love the stitching around the tag on day 8. I tried to stitch as much as I could.
..I had to cover up the other children in this picture of Jack in his school Victoria Christmas concert.
The left Jingle Bells page was a freebie on SJ's blog, it looks great.

....Picking a Christmas tree, the man thought I was bonkers when i asked him, ever so, nicely if he could move to the side so i could take a photograph.
Harry and Stan in a Rugby match
Jack after his Rugby match, he won man of the match *so proud*
...and off they went to the Christmas Panto.

The last swimming lesson of the term so Jack's showing off his badge. Stanley had the *hump* and refused to pose with his watch he'll ask me know why there's not a photo of him in this book with his badge *huh*
My old house, I posted about the BBC1 Christmas advert earlier and this was the first day I actually saw it on TV.

Harry's last swimming lesson of the term.......

snow, snow and more snow.....

My gorgeous nephew Archie...he's growing up so fast and is so adorable.
Some more light painting photos....I must do this again soon,the boys loved it.

I seemed to have missed a page here, Day 24 was a double spread!!

The obligatory Christmas day photograph under the Christmas tree. I remember my mum and dad doing this at Christmas when I was a kid, so I've carried it on.
Finally getting ready for Christmas was a squeeze getting all of us in the dinning room.

This is where it stops, Christmas Day. All the other Christmas photos will make it onto layouts....I hope.

I love Christmas and now it just wouldn't be the same without a Christmas Journal.


  1. Louise this looks great, love the acetate between each one definitely adds something special.

  2. That is such a beautiful album - the photos are great - a lovely book of treasured memories. I will have to have a go at the light photos some time as they are really good - I really like the way you have filled pages with photos (something I rarely do - it looks great.



  3. Louise this is absolutely gorgeous,such a wonderful album to look back on, thanks for sharing it. Must crack on with mine now. xx

  4. this is lovely Louise, I was so tempted to do this journal, wish I had now. Well done to Jack too x

  5. Super cute pages Louise. Love all the different tags too. Especially the button tree.

  6. Wow - this is fantastic! - You must be so pleased with the finished result, your photos look fab with your lovely decorated pages.

  7. Beautiful! I think you have some fantastic photos in there - and some other lovely bits as well!

  8. love this! your album is beautifully neat x


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