Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holding my hand...

Harry was walking along behind us and took this photo, which I cropped to show the holding hands. I dare say rather a rare photograph and possibly the only one of us holding hands (apart from our wedding day!) in the twenty years we've been together.
The Martha Stewart butterfly punch is gorgeous and I can see these butterfly's appearing on everything I do now (that'll impress the boys!). The K&Co butterfly paper was a perfect match.


  1. Oh i love that photo, it would look cute in black and white too. Love the little bird sticker too x:)

  2. Gorgeous, love the simplicity and colour scheme. Don't think we have a photo like that apart from wedding ones - as you say a rarity.

  3. This is so sweet Louise! Love the photo and the fact that DS took it, you really should hold hands more often lol!!


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