Sunday, January 16, 2011


....really is at our fingertips..... I was only saying to Harry (he's 11) yesterday how lucky he is to be able to use the Internet to help him with his homework and that I had to traipse to the library, spend hours looking through books, find the info I needed and then hand write all the relevant bits...and that was before I could even start my homework!! "Oh mum" he said, with a roll of the eyes and a flick of his Justin Beiber hair!! There is something to be said about technology.....and in this crafting world I'm thankful that there are so many bloggers posting their latest creations. Here are just a few of the things that have taken my fancy recently:

1. This gorgeous fabric makes me want to sew...maybe I can give this
Christmas garland a try, I think it would be fitting for anytime of the year.

2. These vintage blocks would look lovely in my hallway and this tutorial is going to help me create the word HOME ..........when I eventually get around to it!

3. Ali Edwards posted a link to these love you books..........and I do so love em.

4. This mini book is great and has given me some ideas, maybe I can add a rosette or two.

5. If you're looking for something more to do throughout the year then the Monthly make might interest you, you have until the end of January to sign up...........I am so so tempted!! Thanks to Sian for blogging about it.

6. and again thanks to Sian who blogged about the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, which I know I'll be checking out each month........this is a brilliant idea and I figure if I can put some sort of kit together each month I might be a little more productive with creating layouts. I've just checked out the link and notice that there are already links for making your own embellishments. Certainly one to check out!!


  1. That little garland is so pretty - and you are right: it's perfect for any time of year!

    I'm so glad you liked some of my "finds" too :)

  2. Great list. I think I will follow two of the blogs on here. I have run across the Felt Fairy when featured on other blogs and I lke here crafts. Thanks


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