Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photo a week

This week we are looking at still life, exposure and lighting. And if I've learnt something this week it is that I'm a fair weather, outdoor, take a photo kinda girl!! All the messing around with lighting isn't for me......It's been very dark, miserable (that could have just been me *laugh*) and freezing here again for most of the week. Each one of the boys has taken his turn to be ill this week, high temperature, sickness and colds, at the moment it's Harry's turn. Can you tell I feel as if I'm suffering from cabin fever!!

Karen has put some fantastic sunset photos on her blog this week, they are really inspiring as I'm sure her still life photos for this week are too.

I had the ISO set at 800 as the photos were coming out far too dark. The first photo was taken with natural lighting...

and the next photo with side lighting.

I think I prefer the first photo.

Some good has come out of this week though, I've had time to complete some layouts and I've made a picture for the wall. I'll post a photo later on.

Enjoy your week.


  1. I am so with you on the lighting thing! Our house has a lot of dark corners and I struggle to take the photos I want. You've done well with these :)

  2. Have to agree Louise, doing these still lifes have confrimed what I already really knew - I to am an outdoor girl.
    Personally I prefer the second photo as I feel the side lighting gives the image some warmth and depth (though the change of angle will affect the depth as well) more 3D in appearance.

    Love the figurines by the way.


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