Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cuevas de Arta VS Cuevas de Drach

Majorca is known for its fantastic caves, namely the Cuevas del Drach.

We took the boys to these caves last summer and although they were in awe, we were rushed along a walk way, (((no camera's allowed))) and packed into the seats at the end to watch the orchestra on the underwater lake. I have to say I found it all rather boring.

A few days later we stumbled across the Cuevas de Arta, these were situated further up the coastline. The view leading up to the caves was amazing. If you never been to these caves in Majorca you must, they were fantastic. We were in a small group, with a guide tour, who spoke a dozen languages. We were able to have a look around, touch the rocks and more importantly (for me) take photos!!

This layout shows the boys walking amongst the huge stalagmites. I will do my journalling on the back and I've kept all the leaflets to go with the layout too.

This was the view walking up to the caves

the mouth of the cave

and the boys (plus some stray people*huh*) standing at the top of the stairs looking out of the cave mouth.


  1. looks like a great holiday.

  2. Lovely page, those caves look amazing and I love the three photos you have used on your page.

  3. That's a really striking layout Louise! I love that pop of bright blue. I'm a great one for keeping all the leaflets too - sometimes I glue them onto the back of a layout

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to visit, those stalagmites are amazing. Love the lo as well.x

  5. Lovely layout, really striking photos. From your description I think I must have visited the caves with the concert many moons ago as well - I don't have any photos though!

  6. I have just returned from Majorca and went to the same two caves. If I were to write about my experience it would be identical to yours....I had to laugh when I read what you said. I'm still puzzled as to why so many people go to the Cuevas du Drab; I can only assume that a lot of money is changing hands somewhere.
    The only difference was that Arta was my original cave of choice after seeing it in a Spanish horror film recently.


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