Sunday, February 06, 2011

Photo a week

Its Sunday again and time for me to upload my photo of the week. This week's topic is Abstract. When I think of abstract I think of wall paintings covered in splashes of paint *huh*....which meant I really had no idea for a subject. I knew Karen would have more of an idea than me, so my answer to everything I'm not sure about is "google it" which is exactly what I done.

Before I carry on, Karen has just uploaded her photos and "wow" what can I say, they are fantastic. Please have a look at them.

Abstract photography can take several forms. The most common forms are...
  • The abstraction of the subject matter
  • Abstraction of a part of the photo or within the photo
  • These can also be manipulated into colorful art abstraction
I found these websites:-




my... would i like to take photos like that!!

This is what I came up with. I enjoyed all the playing around with the coloured tints.


  1. This abstract turned out lovely. I can tell you photography is improving. Nice job.

  2. Thank you Louise for your lovely comments, you really are too kindxx

    I love your images as well, I'm still trying to work out what they are, love both the colour tints as well.
    Those website you found are great as well, a really inspiration. xx

  3. I love the colour shades, great photos.



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