Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo a week

Leading lines is this weeks photo challenge. To give me some ideas I had a look for some images and found these stunning photos.

Knowing that this weekend we weren't jetting off anywhere special *sigh*I went off on a walk to see how many leading lines I could find. I have to say that when you are looking for photo opportunities with an focus it really isn't too hard to find. I was very surprised with how many leading lines I found on my walk. Maybe not as vibrant and exciting as the photo's in the link and having to contend with the most dull, drizzly and overcast day, here is what I came up with.

I love this first photo, it's so simple and yet I don't think I've taken much notice of telegraph poles in the past and certainly not photographed any. See how your eye is drawn along the line of telegraph poles. I played around with the colour settings on this photo and somehow it turned out looking like me this photo looks like it belongs to another era....very vintage and I love it!!
A windy path where your eye rolls along it (past Ruby, who kept getting in my way!!). This photo would look so much nicer with a bright blue sky.....oh how I'm craving some nice warm sunny days!

The ploughed lines in the farmers field leading you into the distance
and these two black and white photos. They have been taken at different angles on the same foot bridge.
Oh how I'm looking forward to seeing Karen's leading lines


  1. Absolutely brilliant Louise - love the first one as well - i can see you are going to have to turn these into a book.

  2. Really love what you have done with the first photo, it does have a nice feeling to it although it is also scary at the same time (that made sense lol) Love the first foot bridge one! :)

  3. I love all of your lead shots. The plow lines are stiking. Beautiful.

  4. A book? That sounds like a really good idea..

  5. Fab photos - love the farm field particularily.



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