Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time to Crochet

Many moons ago my great nanny Kit taught me to crochet. I remember when a Sunday afternoon was family time and we would drive across to Fulham to my nans or great nans for Sunday tea. It was on one of these occasions that she taught me to crochet, I don't think I was very old, maybe 8 or 9 and it's something I've always remembered how to do.

Nanny Kit used recycled wool, very often she'd be unraveling jumpers to use the wool to make granny squares with. There was a granny blanket made from crocheted squares over the back of the sofa and I'm sure covering the armchairs too, as well as over her bed.

Mostly I remember lots of dolls, Nanny Kit used to have hundreds of dolls (it was probably only a dozen each visit, felt like hundreds to me at the time!! and some of them were those big scary looking ones!!), they were either given to her or brought cheap..... from local jumble sales (I imagine). Nanny Kit used to crochet clothes for all these dolls and then give them to the children in the local hospital.

I must delve through my mum and dads photos to see if I can find any photos of my great Nan, Kit.

The reason for this little story, is that after coming across this blog Attic 24 I was inspired to try making something a little larger than a crocheted flower, which is about all I've crocheted in the last (I guess) 10- 12 years.

so here it crocheted bag. It has yet to lined, I'm looking forward to buying some gorgeous fabric in the next week or so. I've already brought some more wool to make my next bag! *shush*

If anyone knows any good crochet sites, please let me know.
Thanks for popping by.


  1. Oh Wow this is gorgeous!!! How I wish I could crochet!!

  2. Louise - that is just gorgeous! I wish I could crochet too. And you've chosen such a pretty colour too. I can't wait to see what you do next

  3. Stunning Louise, ideal for that sunny weather you keep dreaming of :)

  4. I love crochet too, must have a go at a bag.

  5. Louise, this is fantastic, I've just started a second blanket [although havent finished the first one] but my little one keeps asking me to make one for him and I cant resist his big blue eyes.
    However my chrochet ability is no where near as good as yours - I'm still struggling with a simple flower LOL
    Take Care Hun - Ju xxx


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