Sunday, February 27, 2011

A weekend of Rugby

Last week I didn't manage to get around to completing the photo challenge of Angles. Karen completed the challenge perfectly and her great photos can be seen here.

This week we were looking at colour, again Karen managed to get pictures filled with colour, which is remarkable considering here it has rained for most of half term week.

This weekend has been filled with Rugby and plenty of Rain. I did manage to get some photos and this is the one that I have chosen for my photo of the week.

Our weekend started out watching Northampton Saints vs Gloucester at Franklin Gardens, hence the green stadium seats. It was a close game 16:18 to Gloucester. Four (I think) of our players were playing for England yesterday, maybe we'd have won if they'd playing with the Saints!

.....this is one of my favourite action shots, we were quite high up in the stalls so this photo was taken with my big lens, I would have loved to be on the sidelines with the professional photographers, just so that my photos didn't have the man sitting in front of me in them!!

Today was more rugby, this time for the boys......
This is number one son Harry (one the left), and his buddy Tom, they had just finished their first match.

This is number two son, Jack with the ball. He scored a few tries.

and this is number three son Stanley, heading for the try line, he just managed to score his try before his tag was pulled off.

Luckily I managed to get some photos of each of them playing today before the heavens opened.


  1. My rugby this weekend has consisted of watching the 6 Nations on the telly then watching youngest son train this morning - luckily it was beautiful and sunny. Love your action shot.

  2. Awesome shots Louise. I Love the green seats. We were a soccer family ourselves. Now its band and theatre for my 15 and 16 year old. Here's hoping for a little sunshine for you. We finally got ours.

  3. Great action shots! Glad you managed to get them before the rain came, I guess there were some very muddy clothes to be washed at the end of it all!

  4. Yes, I'm like Jo - six nations on the TV. It's a bit warmer that way lol. These are great pictures Louise. I love them

  5. Oooo great line out shot - well timed :) Fab match (particularily the 2nd half) yesturday. Great action photo shots of your boys - I love the muddy knees :)

  6. Great photos Louise, nice muddy clothes (and boys!) for you to wash too lol! xx

  7. Hi Louise, I'm back to answer your question on my blog about the punch. I've had it a couple of years now so I'm not completely sure, but I think I actually bought it in Dunelm Mill pretty cheaply. It isn't Martha Stewart or anything fancy, I know that!


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