Thursday, April 07, 2011

Blog Award

What a lovely way to have ended Mothers day, you may have noticed from a comment that was left, on my last post, that is was also my birthday. So thank you Angie for passing this award to me and ending the day perfectly. I am very honoured.
I'm still in shock receive an award!!! I still can't quiet believe that people actually read my blog, I only started this blog for the ladies that come to the monthly crop and now I find that blogging and blog hoping is becoming more and more part of my everyday life.

With this award I have to give you five facts about me and one of those has to be about here goes...

1. When number one son was three months old I started scrapbooking, 12 years ago July 1999. My next door neighbour was a creative memories consultant and she reeled me in. Scraping was much different then, there wasn't the supplies in the UK like there is now. I didn't have a computer nor a digital camera and photos were cut into all sorts of funny shapes......maybe one day I'll share my very first scrapbook page with you!

2. I have to be organised, I always know when there is too much going on as I start to write and rewrite endless lists.

3. Wooden lolly sticks are my biggest phobia, I have never eaten ice lollies *shudder* and if we ever have chips at the seaside you can guarantee that my portion ends up with those wooden forks *shiver* in them........much to the amusement of my family.

4. I have been employed by the same employer since I left school (and that was a lot of years ago!) I did have a six year career break after having number three son, but I'm back now, working part time three days a week.

5. Card making is something I really really want to do, over the years I think I've only made a handful of cards and most of them were Christmas cards. Why do I find it so hard then? when I sit down and think I'll make one, my head goes blank and I end up giving up! Maybe I should just accept that card making is not for me.

There it is, five random facts.


  1. YES! Abram is, like, 2 miles from ashton xx
    Hugs x

    Lovely blog, by the way x

  2. Well done on ur award! U have a gr8 site! Cool facts too!

  3. I would love to see your first ever page :) I got my first album out the other day and my scrapping style has changed sooooooo much!! Congratulations on the award :)

  4. Well done on your award, great facts :) xx

  5. I have a big thing about lolly sticks too!! We were just talking about it at the weekend because my mum wanted me to file her nails with an emery board and I don't really like them either.

    I love these post with random facts! And congrats on your award :)


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