Friday, April 22, 2011

More wedding photos

Before I bore you all too much with hundreds of wedding photo's I just want to share a few more with you. These are my fave ones of the day, the bride looked stunning, her dress was gorgeous and set off beautifully with her bouquet.....I bet the photographer never got a photo of the bride poking her tongue out!

Alicia is used to me and my camera, so as she waltzed past me I kept clicking away, and this one of her looking back to give me a cheeky grin is great.
and then there's the first dance and this is another favorite of mine.

I promise to be back with some crafty stuff soon, but before I go (just in case they do read this) I would like to say thank you to the bride and groom for a fabulous day and we wish them a long and happy life together with lots of love luck and laughter xxxxx see you soon xxxxx


  1. Yet more stunning photos - well done you on such a great selection. Love the expression on Alicia's face in the third one, and of course the tongue - excellent. xxx

  2. Great photos Louise, it is nice to have all the posed wedding photos but I have to say some of my favourite wedding photos are the ones taken by guests as they really captured the fun and happiness of the day like your photos do. I am sure the bride is going to love these! :)

  3. Looks like a fab wedding, you got some great shots. I think having some more informal pictures is a good idea to go alongside the official ones. I love the dog in his outfit!

  4. Lovely shots Louise - she'll definitely want copies of these for her album!


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