Sunday, April 03, 2011

Photo a week

Well today has been very nice. It started at 7.30 am (not too early) when the boys woke me by jumping on the bed with flowers covered in glitter, cards and best of all vouchers. Not your ordinary vouchers though, these were much more interesting! Each one was a token, a token for a cup of tea, a hug, breakfast in bed. The best thing of all was that there were three tokens for each one, three boys, three tokens....I can see the logic!! so it looks like I can have breakfast in bed for the best part of the week *laugh*

After using my cooked breakfast token *yum yum* we went for a stroll and I found I didn't even have to use bribary for my portrait photos. I always think of formal studio photos when I think of portrait and Karen has taken some fabulous portrait photos this week. Unfortunately, (for me) I had to use natural light for mine. A studio with lights oooh that would have been a great learning curve.....but hey ho I did manage this weeks challenge so here are some my faves from today.

Number one son
number two son
and another of number two son
and number three son - a bird had just pooped on his head *oh did we laugh* and he wasn't amused!!! hence the pout!
eventually he saw the funny side!

Later on this afternoon the family descended on me for Sunday tea and I was able to get some more family shots. I thought I'd share these too. My gorgeous nephew, he's six months old.
And finally one of me and my darling husband taken by Jack. He made us laugh taking this photo when he crouched down onto one knee and we felt like we should lean across as it didn't look like he was getting us in the picture. In fact looking through the ones he took his composition was spot on, although i'm not sure what setting the camera was on!
Hoping that all you mums had a fantastic Mothers Day.


  1. What a brilliant mothers' day idea! *steal* Lovely portraits. Natural light is just perfect.

  2. Louise these are fantastic photos, so natural and very well exposed. So looking forward to your LO's with these. Love the expression you have captured in each of them, especially your nephew - what a frown. Well done you. xxx

  3. Ahh sounds like you've had a lovely day, and your DS is following in his Mum's photographic footsteps....


  5. Wow! Fabulous photos of your boys!!! You are lucky that they are happy to pose, H just pulls crazy faces whenever the camera comes out! x

  6. lovely photos, sounds like you had a good day!

  7. Is it your birthday?? have a wonderful one!

    Your photos are lovely - you have so many options for great pages with a collection like this!

  8. Fab photos - your nephews expressions are great....and well done on getting all your boys to a budding photographer in the making with the shot of you and DH. Enjoy all the vouchers :)

  9. Fab photos, I love son number 3's pout!

  10. What a lovely family, you got some great shots there. Good job.


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