Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photo a week

Better late than never is my photo of last week. Last weeks subject was landscape. This photo was taken at Haigh Hall in Wigan in Manchester, where we've spent the past four days.
Behind the trees to the left, you may be able to make out a white building, this I am told is the Reebok Stadium.... I'm not so sure myself, so if you have any ideas??

Karen has taken some beautiful landscape photos and so has Yvonne who joined us last week.

Will be back to soon to share some more photos of our weekend away.


  1. That is lovely, great dof and exposure. No idea re the stadium, sorry. xx

  2. Beautiful photo Louise, hope you had a good time away :)

  3. Beautiful photo, we live in Greater Manchester and I still would have no idea about the stadium!


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