Friday, April 22, 2011

Wedding Photos

The wedding took place in a gorgeous picturesque church and the sun was shinning.

The photographer was doing a good job of organising everyone, and I did try to get some of the photos he was setting up, the only trouble was I had to battle with this lot...... I turned to the guests!
Do you remember a TV program hosted by Suzi Perry "How to take Stunning Pictures", they done an episode on wedding photography where they focused on the this was the angle I took........the more natural photo, and trying to capture the moments the bride and groom may not have got to see. the grooms nephew who was a pageboy. His job was to look after Snoop dog, I took a series of photos of him running up and down the green with Snoop.
Two of the beautiful bridesmaids stood back watching everyone.... their shocking pink shoes

Then I took some photos while the photographer was busy organising everyone!! The attention here is on Snoop, although I didn't get him in the photo.
The bride and her brother, who gave her away

The bridesmaids having a goss
The throwing of confetti
Colin chatting to his grandparents and his great aunt and uncle
My sister-in-law and niece
the mother of the bride
and one of my favourites, I love this shot, where they are on their way for the confetti throwing photos and being watched by some of the grandparents.

I have one last post on the wedding to share so i'll be back later.

Thanks for popping by


  1. these are photos to treasure,much more than posed ones!

  2. I would LOVE to have photos like these from my wedding - the ones of the guests are definitely the most interesting cos when you are being the bride you miss a lot of what's going on

  3. These photos bring back memories of my wedding. A friends sister took random shots of friends and family. Some of those shots are my favourite photos. Great photos.

  4. These are gorgeous Louise and I am sure Alicia and her hubby will be delighted when they see - especailly as I am sure you will put them into one of your wonderful books. xx


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