Friday, May 27, 2011


Remember this post here where I wasn't happy with the cards I made, well I'm a changed woman....for now that is *laugh*........having a bad neck wasn't so bad when it meant I had time to look for inspiration and then fath about to create something I was happy with. After I'd made the butterfly for the frame (post below) I used the same layering method, fathed about some more, it did take a while but once I'd made the first one though I was well on my way.

Can you tell, I'm a happy bunny *laugh*, they look so nice, much better in real life. I've not stamped or handwritten any sentiments on the front of the cards for fear of ruining them, but I do intend to stamp on the inside. I feel so comfortable with these that they may just find a recipient, I now need to look at my calender to see who's birthday is next.

Click on the photos if you'd like to make them bigger.

credit has to go to Wendy again who inspired me to make these.

A nice simple one
Then there is this one. Recognise the butterfly? This was the first butterfly I made (for the frame) but it looked a little on the small side so I turned this one into a card and made a bigger one for the frame. This card I love and I will definitely be making some more.

We have a long weekend to look forward to I hope everyone enjoys themselves.


  1. wow, really gorgeous Louise, you have inspired me to make some, Jane xx

  2. Lovely! That's quite a handy little stash of cards you have built up now, and anyone would be delighted to receive one, they are so pretty.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend too

  3. These are stunning Louise!!! I don't know why you were worried about making cards, these are perfect! :)

  4. the layers on these are so pretty, such lovely cards, well done!

  5. These are gorgeous! Love them all! I think I will have to lift some of your designs for cards of my own very soon!

  6. I love the layering effect on your card - it's just beautiful :)

  7. Stunning cards Louise,your layering and colours are beautiful

  8. These are gorgeus at all!!!!!!!!!!!!I love all the details..great job with the cards!!
    I wish a great week.
    Kisses and huges from Brazil


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