Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photo of the week

I'm late again with my photo of the week, these should have been posted on Sunday. Last weeks subject was shadows and Karen managed to get out and about and take some great photos. Me.... I've settled for some in the garden. I tried to get the boys to make animals shaped shadows, but the sun wasn't on our side. Instead I came up with these.

Can you guess what they were trying to spell? Click to make big and clear
Their shadows reminded me of the fun mirrors at the fair ground and you can see now why I didn't take any of me, the shadows were making them look short and dumpy.... and believe me I don't need any help in that department *laugh*.

Slow shutter speed this week if you fancy joining in. Thanks for popping by.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our (not so) little superstar no. 3

This is my final rugby presentation layout. No 1 son. Putting his tie on ready for his move to the under 13's junior squad next season.

The other two layouts you can see here and here.

I'm still using inks and mists in this one although I tried hard not to use corrugated stars. The title is a little play on words and seeing as I love Coldplay and so does H it fitted rather well I thought.

(click on images to make them bigger)

a view across the layout
and another.

I'm trying to use up some alpha's so you may be able to tell that I cut up a number 8 to make an S (more than once) and used the letter M for an E. That's what you call being creative lol!
These are the 4x6 photos to go with the 12x12 layout and each one is journaled on the back. I've done this for all three of the boys and was quite surprised that I had so much to say, I could have written a heap more, which got me thinking!?....

Next season (starts September) I'm going to keep a little note book to record all the details each week (instead of trying to rely on my terrible memory!) and if it's not raining get some photos too. These 4x6 pockets will then be used to display all the details. I love an ongoing project so this will keep me busy for a while.

Do you have any projects ongoing at the moment ?

I'd love to hear if you have.

These are the 4x6 pockets to go with no.3 son layout.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our little superstar no. 2

There are some similarities between this layout and the one in this post. I did use Kraft cardstock and stars for all three layouts. For this layout though I used mists and ink instead of paint and while I had the sewing machine out (to finally line a bag I made months ago) I stitched a grid onto the layout.
the stamp is a date stamp from catslife press
Again the 4x6 page protectors hold other rugby photos from the season and like with Jack's I've journaled all the details on the back...This is possibly the most journaling I've done in a very long time.

You'll have to wait to see these though as it's been so miserable here the photos I took are too dark.

The weekends go far too quick, don't you think?
We've had a lovely chilled out Fathers Day at home, x-men film, (because we saw x-men first class at the cinema last week) popcorn and ice-cream. Hope you've all had a lovely day too.

Photo of the week

Its Sunday again and I wonder who else joined us this week for candid photography. Karen posted earlier this week with a description of candid and I managed to find tips on taking better candid photos.

I've learnt since I've been taking part is this weekly challenge that the weather plays a huge part in the difference between a good and a bad photo for me. The weather has been lousy here again this week, so this photo has been taken indoors...

....and I've changed it to black and white. Purely because we have a bright blue carpet in our lounge (definitely not our choice!) and when I take photos indoors all I can see in the photo is bright blue carpet.
Click for a big clear image

This photo was taken last week, Jack was opening his 9th birthday cards and passing them to H to put neatly in a pile.

I don't think my mother-in-law reads my blog so I hope I'm safe in sharing this with you all.
H read each card passed to him and this one said "Happy Birthday......" (wait for it!!) "GRANDAD"!!

He found it rather hilarious and Jack is leaning over to have another look, and even he has a smile on his face.

Bless her!! Do you think she was having a moment?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our little superstar

You may well recall me sharing photos with you of the boys Rugby presentation last month. Well I've finally got around to scrapping them, and other rugby photos I've taken throughout the season.

There are three layouts for three boys..... The trouble is three boys, three rugby photos and three star themes equals three very similar layouts. It was quite a challenge to try and make each one individual. I'll let you decide if I managed it?

I thought I'd space out posting them all too, first up (in no particular order) is number two son.
I must have been having a moment as I hooked out my paints and used some here. The title is hand cut from corrugated card and the papers are lily bee.

(click on the photos to make them big and clear)
In addition to the main 12x12 layouts, I've used some 4x6 page protectors sheets.

On the back of each of these I've recorded the games they've played, who they played, match results. Team members (the ones I could remember!) when they received player of the week, how many tries they got...and so on.

After one game I congratulated Jack and he said "I didn't play well.... I only got 4 tries".....bless him!! It took me ages to convince him that 4 tries was phenomenal (I love that word!).

I'll be back with the next layout in a day or so. Thanks for popping by.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Photo of the week

I'm a day late with my photo of the week.....better late than never though I'd say!!

Last weeks subject was animals so I settled on trying to get a decent shot of our (mad) dog.
Funny enough I like the angle of this photo, she refused to sit for me.....thought I wanted to play so she did!Eventually she stayed still long enough to get some close up's.

Karen was a little more adventurous than me and was lucky enough to photograph cows. Her fabulous photos are here and if you look here you'll find out that this weeks challenge is candid photography. Karen has kindly put a description of candid photography on her if you are looking for a photo challenge this week then why not join in.

Friday, June 10, 2011

10 Things

Not one to miss out, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon with today's post from Shimelle.
This fits in nicely with the layout I want to share with you this evening. Here are 10 reasons I love this boy

1. He is great company
2. He is funny, has a fantastic sense of humor, he makes me laugh and he can laugh at himself
3. He is clever and bright (he must take after his grandad!)
4. He has a lovely nature, is calm, kind and sensitive
5. He is very good to his brothers
6. He always has a fact for his grandad (and his grandad for him - something they have always done)
7. He can write lovely stories (not at all like his mother!)
8. and enjoys burying himself in a good book
9. He is very photogenic
10. and......he can make a lovely cup of tea!!
Patterened papers cosmo cricket and to create the flowers I followed this tutorial

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


....the gay gordon - does anyone have memories of this dance? I'd love to hear them.

It was a hot summers day (in April) all the family were together, there was BBQ food and birthday cake, wine beer...........and an old record player!

You'd be amazed at what my dad has hiding in his garage.

The record player was pulled out into the garden and the big and little (mostly the big) boys rooted through dad's record collection. I wonder how many of you still have yours?

I'd forgotten what a record player sounded like, all those crackles...brilliant!! We could have been at our very own tea dance. All that was missing was the garden bunting. I need to sort that out ready for next time.

My mum danced the Viennese Waltz (layout to follow) and my nephew danced the gay gordon with his grandad.

A good day was had by all.

lily bee papers from May's gotta craft kit and see the date stamp, its from catslife press. I was lucky enough to win this over on Nora's blog.
We're still clicking on photos to make them clear!

Hope everyone is having a good week, I'm off to bed now ready for my 5am start in the morning. On the plus side tomorrow is my last day for the week.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Photo of the week

Reflection is this weeks subject and Karen posted her beautiful landscape reflection photo this morning. All week I've been looking for opportunities for this weeks subject, we have been out and about but nothing interested me enough, so this morning there I was thinking I'd failed this weeks challenge. Until Jack came home from a sleepover at his friends that is....

(please click on the photo to make it big and clear)

While I cooked dinner Jack played on his XBox for an hour. We chatted about his sleepover, and that's when I noticed the light in his eyes!

ahh! a light bulb moment!

I grabbed the camera and started snapping away
"oh mum" *sigh*
" mum you made the zombie get me" *huff*
"oh mum you're getting in my way" *sigh, huff and puff*
"oh mum" *bigger sigh*

bless him even through all his grumbling I did get some fab photos (I can feel a layout coming on!). This one is one of my favourties, the light in his eye is the reflection of the living room window!

When Jack was little people would always comment on how gorgeous his eyes were, he has such long, dark lashes....looking at this photo I have to agree....maybe I'm a little biased though *laugh*

Saturday, June 04, 2011

He loves me

It's been a few weeks since I took part in Shimelle's sketch of the week. With it being half term I don't normally get a chance to scrap much so after I had some more photos printed this week I found some time.
The photos are ones I received in two picture texts from my husband last week. He must have been having a moment!! *laugh* we've been together 22 years and I can count on one hand (we may well have now just gone over onto the second hand!) the number of times he's brought me flowers.
He wrote "thought you might like these" and "don't say I never send you flowers" awww!!

My reply was quite simply "cheap skate!!" *laugh*

Main patterned paper is from Lily Bee, This and That, with some scraps thrown in and MM glitter stickers that I've had an age so it was good to use them up.

If you click on the photos they will pop up big and clear...thanks

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Baby Shower

A very good friend of mine is due to have a baby in two weeks time. The same one I made the butterfly frame for. We organised a baby shower for her and I thought I'd share a photo of the cupcakes I made.

You know I thought my eyes were playing me up, as all my pictures on here seem unclear and fuzzy like. I've just read that Blogger have changed things which is why the pictures appear fuzzy and if you want to see them nice and clear then you have to click on each image. The image will then open up bigger. This possible has something to do with the size you upload them.....although I'm really not sure, is anyone else is having problems?
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