Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our little superstar

You may well recall me sharing photos with you of the boys Rugby presentation last month. Well I've finally got around to scrapping them, and other rugby photos I've taken throughout the season.

There are three layouts for three boys..... The trouble is three boys, three rugby photos and three star themes equals three very similar layouts. It was quite a challenge to try and make each one individual. I'll let you decide if I managed it?

I thought I'd space out posting them all too, first up (in no particular order) is number two son.
I must have been having a moment as I hooked out my paints and used some here. The title is hand cut from corrugated card and the papers are lily bee.

(click on the photos to make them big and clear)
In addition to the main 12x12 layouts, I've used some 4x6 page protectors sheets.

On the back of each of these I've recorded the games they've played, who they played, match results. Team members (the ones I could remember!) when they received player of the week, how many tries they got...and so on.

After one game I congratulated Jack and he said "I didn't play well.... I only got 4 tries".....bless him!! It took me ages to convince him that 4 tries was phenomenal (I love that word!).

I'll be back with the next layout in a day or so. Thanks for popping by.


  1. This is so fab - I love the mini alphas and paint idea.

  2. Love your hand cut letters, they look great. Really like the idea of adding the photo pockets, I like using these if I've got too many photos to scrap for a single event.

  3. Love, love, love the top layout. The corrugated card letters really stand out and the smattering of stars looks fab.

  4. Such gorgeous LO's! I really wanna use some of my 4x6 photo pages and I think you've just given me the inspiration - Thx a million :)

  5. Great layout!! love all the textures and details!! look forward to the next one! x

  6. Love the idea of using the small page protectors for extra photos and journalling.x

  7. It certainly is a phenomenal try record! I love this layout, especially the handcut letters

  8. Gorgeous layout Louise! I love stars on layouts and have used them loads and always worry that all those pages will look the same lol. I bought some of those photo sleeves to use for the extra photos for my layouts years ago but have still not used them!! I love that you have put the details on the back :)

  9. Great LO, looking forward to seeing the others - love the stars and the paint and corrugated cardboard and bakers twine (must be everything :)). The 6 by 4 pockets are a great way to show off all those photos...might have to investigate getting some :)


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