Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our (not so) little superstar no. 3

This is my final rugby presentation layout. No 1 son. Putting his tie on ready for his move to the under 13's junior squad next season.

The other two layouts you can see here and here.

I'm still using inks and mists in this one although I tried hard not to use corrugated stars. The title is a little play on words and seeing as I love Coldplay and so does H it fitted rather well I thought.

(click on images to make them bigger)

a view across the layout
and another.

I'm trying to use up some alpha's so you may be able to tell that I cut up a number 8 to make an S (more than once) and used the letter M for an E. That's what you call being creative lol!
These are the 4x6 photos to go with the 12x12 layout and each one is journaled on the back. I've done this for all three of the boys and was quite surprised that I had so much to say, I could have written a heap more, which got me thinking!?....

Next season (starts September) I'm going to keep a little note book to record all the details each week (instead of trying to rely on my terrible memory!) and if it's not raining get some photos too. These 4x6 pockets will then be used to display all the details. I love an ongoing project so this will keep me busy for a while.

Do you have any projects ongoing at the moment ?

I'd love to hear if you have.

These are the 4x6 pockets to go with no.3 son layout.


  1. They are going to be so glad you did this for them when they are all grown up! I think this is fantastic with all the texture you have going on

  2. Great page Louise! I love the design.

  3. Another great LO - I cut up alphas to make the missing letters - my last was making an a into an e :) I like the banner across the page of multicoloured paper - looks great :)

  4. I love all of the LO's and such fantastic memories for your boys, I'm loving the flag/bunting style on this layout I think it looks fantastic.

    I've been working on trying to simplify my scrapping, I have hundreds of photos and list upon list of things I want to scrap/make mini books for - the list just keep getting bigger so back in March I started documenting everyday life throughtout the month in the photo wallets like the one's you've pictured above - I've added little embellishemnts here and there but it has allowed me to write about things that I might forgot rather quickly and I can put these photo wallets in my albums in between the pages I've created. It seems to be working so far. xx

  5. They look gr8 Louise! Love em!

  6. Fab layout, love your title (I love that song!) and how you've used numbers/letters to make other ones - very clever!

  7. Great great page Louise, I love the colours and your clever lettering. On-going projects...I have many, well they aren't really ongoing, they are just not yet finished!!! :)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous page :) xx

  9. Louise...I just loved your page..such a wonderful work...I love the colors ..the photo and all the details are gorgeus !!
    You are such a sweet and nice friend...I just love your visit!!!
    Have a wonderful day !!!!
    Kisses and huges from Brazil

  10. Beautiful layouts, I love the way you have done the firat one with the scrolls at the top.

  11. great to catch up on all your lovely layouts, I think I will start carrying a notebook too!



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