Sunday, June 05, 2011

Photo of the week

Reflection is this weeks subject and Karen posted her beautiful landscape reflection photo this morning. All week I've been looking for opportunities for this weeks subject, we have been out and about but nothing interested me enough, so this morning there I was thinking I'd failed this weeks challenge. Until Jack came home from a sleepover at his friends that is....

(please click on the photo to make it big and clear)

While I cooked dinner Jack played on his XBox for an hour. We chatted about his sleepover, and that's when I noticed the light in his eyes!

ahh! a light bulb moment!

I grabbed the camera and started snapping away
"oh mum" *sigh*
" mum you made the zombie get me" *huff*
"oh mum you're getting in my way" *sigh, huff and puff*
"oh mum" *bigger sigh*

bless him even through all his grumbling I did get some fab photos (I can feel a layout coming on!). This one is one of my favourties, the light in his eye is the reflection of the living room window!

When Jack was little people would always comment on how gorgeous his eyes were, he has such long, dark lashes....looking at this photo I have to agree....maybe I'm a little biased though *laugh*


  1. They are very long eyelashes! What a great picture :)

  2. Lovely picture, it's so detailed and yet so simple!

  3. They're right, what gorgeous eyes, and a gorgeous photo that captures them brilliantly. My brother has gorgeous eyes like that but he won't let me near with the camera, you're lucky that, through the groans, he still sat stil :)

  4. Stunning Louise, so sharp and very well seen and caught. xx

  5. Great photo, he does have long lashes. Your boy sounds like mine except now when i shout upstairs that dinners ready I can hear a grumpy OK!

  6. What a great picture, simple but beautiful!

  7. Wow! That's fantastic Louise.

  8. What beautiful lashes he has & captured beautifully too x

  9. Gorgeous photo - and what beautiful eyes - will make a beautiful page :)

  10. gorgeous photo Louise, Jane

  11. thanks for the link Louise, have been trying what it says but no luck so far


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