Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photo of the week

Its Sunday again and I wonder who else joined us this week for candid photography. Karen posted earlier this week with a description of candid and I managed to find tips on taking better candid photos.

I've learnt since I've been taking part is this weekly challenge that the weather plays a huge part in the difference between a good and a bad photo for me. The weather has been lousy here again this week, so this photo has been taken indoors...

....and I've changed it to black and white. Purely because we have a bright blue carpet in our lounge (definitely not our choice!) and when I take photos indoors all I can see in the photo is bright blue carpet.
Click for a big clear image

This photo was taken last week, Jack was opening his 9th birthday cards and passing them to H to put neatly in a pile.

I don't think my mother-in-law reads my blog so I hope I'm safe in sharing this with you all.
H read each card passed to him and this one said "Happy Birthday......" (wait for it!!) "GRANDAD"!!

He found it rather hilarious and Jack is leaning over to have another look, and even he has a smile on his face.

Bless her!! Do you think she was having a moment?


  1. Cracking shot Louise, so funny, have you told her? Lol xx
    PS looks great in b&w.

  2. Fab photo, love the look on his face lol mind you I'm not surprised with a Granddad card!!!

  3. There is something about the black and white that really emphasizes that smile! Great choice.


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