Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photo of the week

I'm late again with my photo of the week, these should have been posted on Sunday. Last weeks subject was shadows and Karen managed to get out and about and take some great photos. Me.... I've settled for some in the garden. I tried to get the boys to make animals shaped shadows, but the sun wasn't on our side. Instead I came up with these.

Can you guess what they were trying to spell? Click to make big and clear
Their shadows reminded me of the fun mirrors at the fair ground and you can see now why I didn't take any of me, the shadows were making them look short and dumpy.... and believe me I don't need any help in that department *laugh*.

Slow shutter speed this week if you fancy joining in. Thanks for popping by.


  1. Great photos Louise, I especially love the first one!

  2. Great idea for the photos! I have no idea what they are spelling in the first one, is the second one bow or boy?

  3. Very creative Louise, Ok what were they trying to spell?? Did laugh at the second one :) xx

  4. I was also going to guess they were spelling boy but I am not sure??!! I love shadow pics and these are great!


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