Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photo of the week

This weeks challenge was a " different perspective" and without even having to put my thinking cap on I came up with these photos, while snapping away at the boys playing in the garden with their dad on Friday evening.Super Stan!
Who remembers doing this when they were kids?
...and a side shot!
This is the last week of school *hurray* I've not managed any crafty things this past week, even with the best of's just been one busy week....roll on next week I say!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A good book

A quick post tonight to share a layout with you.

You may well have noticed that I'm loving the effect you can achieve with a few strips of patterned paper. I've used these flag/banner effect strips on a few recent layouts and cards and am thinking it's time to find another technique/effect to love!!If you'd like a closer look you can click on the photo

Thank you to everyone who leaves comments, they make my day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photo of the week & 10 things

This weeks subject is self portrait! The challenge I dreaded the most. I imagine I'm not alone when I say how I really really do not like being in photos (unless I've had a few drinks!).

This was a tough one to do, I was being lazy too (couldn't be bothered to get the tripod out) so I took many a photo holding the camera up in front of me. This produced the most contorted facial expressions imaginable along with several double chins and tops of the head chop offs.

I wanted to sit down, set the self timer to take a floor shot, but it had been raining all day and I would have ended up going out with a wet cheesy photos it is.

Out of a bad bunch I settled for these two. The first one, of half a face, was an accident. I tweaked it a little to enhance the colour....just slightly!

and changed this one to black and white.

Look out for Karen's photo of the week, I'm sure she'll post soon enough unless she's having trouble with blogger today like I have this evening.

I thought I'd combine Shimelle's 10 things on the 10th of the month, fitting it in with this weeks photo challenge. Here are 10 things about me and photography...

1. I wish I had more time to devote to photography,
2. take a class
3. or two
4. and master Photoshop.
5. As my favourite type of photos are close up's...
6. my next lens should be a macro (but I really would like a 50mm 1.4)
7. for my Cannon DSLR,
8. so I can take a photo like this
9. and this
10. while I dream about saying I took this.

Thanks for popping by, wishing you all a lovely week.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pretty post

Back in March I brought this fabulous butterfly fabric to line the inside of a crocheted bag. gorgeous isn't it?
so here it is all fitted and stitched in, with handles too. For a first attempt I'd say it is pretty good going!

I managed a layout about a Chantilly Sponge cake number 1 son made at school in Design and Technology (Home Economics when I was at school).....showing my age now I imagine *laugh*

There's something you should know about number one son, he is very very clumsy......some say he takes after his mum!...... I could dispute this, but I'm afraid I would then be lying.

Any how if you look close (or click on photo to make it bigger) you will see that his poor cake is a teensy bit of a mess and this is all because he left the cake in its tin on the table in the class/cooking room. He walked away and "somehow* the tin fell on the floor......."all by itself!"
Despite it not being in tip top condition, it did taste absolutely perfect.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Captured in a card #2

So its Sunday again and I should be posting my photo of the week......only I never got around to completing the challenge. Apologies to Karen and I'll try to play catch up this week.

Instead I'll leave you with another card with a captured conversation.....again this one is for number two son.(click for a clear image)

October 2008 - Jack (age 6)

Sitting around the table at dinner time, Harry was discussing his music lesson at school. He said he'd chosen to play the Trombone.

"mmmmmmmmm" pipped up this little voice "trombone......lovely chocolate"
Harry fell about laughing as he said "Jack, I think you mean a Toblerone."

one card. one memory. one conversation. captured.

love it....thank you again to Sian for the inspiration. The next captured in a card is dinosaurs.

Wishing everyone a super week.... I'm certainly on the countdown now for the end of term...three weeks and counting.

Friday, July 01, 2011

captured in a card #1

(click photo)

A while ago Sian posted this over at High in the Sky. I loved the idea. This was the bit that sold it to me...

(Sian's words)

"I love the thought of someone on a rainy Sunday afternoon sitting down and leafing through an album of cards. Pulling out one here and there and reading the memory inside. Like a collection of old postcards, maybe, or visiting cards. I've made one already. One card. One memory. Captured."

With so many stories, scribbled in a note book this is a great way to store them.

This card holds a conversation with number two son....

June 2011
I was getting ready to have a shower, and as usual I wasn't on my own, (is there anywhere you get peace when you have little people in the house?)

jack: mum is that a birth mark on your leg?
me: yes jack it is.
jack: you have two birth marks don't you mum?
me: no darling, I have three (weird I know!) look I've got one on my hand too.
jack: where's my birth mark mum?
me: you don't have one darling.
jack: huh! (puzzled expression on face)..... if i don't have a birth mark how was I born!

one card. one memory. one conversation. captured.

love it....thank you to Sian for the inspiration.
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